Catalonia right to ban bullfighting!

As a Vice President of the Animal Welfare Parliamentary Intergroup, Jacqueline Foster MEP is a leading supporter and campaigner for improved animal welfare across the EU and beyond.  Commenting on the news that the Spanish Constitutional Court have announced the prohibition by Catalonia on bullfighting could be reversed, Jacqueline said:

"I was really glad when Catalonia decided to ban bullfighting; I would like to see the practice outlawed across Spain. I would also like to see action taken on other forms of animal abuse, such as the treatment of dogs during the annual hunting season and the festival of toro de fuego where fireworks are attached to bulls' horns. I don’t believe that in the Spain of the 21st century such a barbaric activity can be justified for cultural reasons."  

You can read Jacqueline's comments, and those of MEPs from other political groups in the European Parliament by clicking on the following article: